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How it all started

It was always a dream of Tom Murray to own a deli. Tom Murray Sr. ("Big Tom") had been in the food industry for over 35 years, managing one of the busiest IHOPs in the United States, so it was a natural progression to want to build something in the food industry. Harrison has a lot of great delis, so it was tough to do something special and unique in our hometown. And then a different opportunity arose in February of 2013 -- a small Italian Ice shop was available.


 There were some quick conversations with Tom Jr's ("Little Tom") about potentially becoming ice cream shop owners. After a few days of talking, we decided to jump in and start Murray's Ice Cream without knowing what to expect. The weeks that followed were crazy; finding suppliers, finding machinery, freezers, renovations, etc all while trying to learn the ins and outs of the ice cream business. It took us 3 weeks, but on March 11, 2013, Murray's Ice Cream opened their doors. Our motto is "Fun in Every Scoop" and we hope you enjoy every scoop! 

Growth Over the Years

We started out small but grew very quickly. We started expanding our offerings from just hard ice cream by the scoop and Italian ice but eventually having gelato and frozen yogurt options as well. We also bought a soft serve ice cream machine to provide a different style of ice cream for those that prefer it. We started taking suggestions on special items and started creating custom drinks and concoctions like the "Sydney", the "Manhattan Special", and the "Blue Sweet Tart" to name a few. This list grew by the year, and just recently we introduced the "Poop Emoji" milkshake, as well as the "Cotton Fluff Sundae", both fan favorites. 

We also started to get more involved with ice cream cakes and now make our own cakes from scratch in the shop! From small ice cream cakes, to Oreo infused cakes, to gluten free cakes, we can make any type of cake with either hard or soft ice cream, with custom writing and designs on them. We also started making custom ice cream sandwiches on chocolate wafers, chocolate chip cookies, and even large Oreo cookie wafers. We wanted to make sure our customers could enjoy our ice cream by the scoop, but also be able to bring Murray's to their special events and gatherings.

Over the years with renovations, we started adding shelves across every inch of the shop, which allowed us to open up our store to include a wide variety of candy. From movie box candy, to Haribo gummies, to candy toys for kids, we've become not just an ice cream shop, but a candy shop as well. 


We started out by only selling in the shop, but realized that we could expand by going mobile. Within a year, we got our mobile ice cream cart and have been taking that around to festivals, baseball games, and parties for years. We also started running the concession stand at the Harrison town pool at Brentwood Park, as well as set up concessions at various baseball games around the area. 

We are always looking to keep growing though! Check back here for more updates! 

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